Personalized Videos

How would you like to have a personalized video greeting from David Soul to you (or someone you love)? Sound intriguing?

We are pleased to announce that David Soul is now offering personalized video greetings through the David Soul Store. For $95, you can have David send you a one-minute greeting, or for $125 you can ask David a question (or two) and get your answer in a two-minute video. Ask him that burning question that you’ve always wanted to ask him.

Or have him send you a birthday or anniversary greeting (or a toast to any other upcoming special occasion).

As soon as you order your video, we send the request to David; he will record your video, and we will send the download link directly to your email address. You can expect to receive your video within 30 days (or sooner), knowing it came directly from David to you.

Now’s your chance!

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