Original Script — The Manions of America


David Soul’s original script from his performance in the Charles S. Dubin and Joseph Sargent-directed 1981 TV mini-series, The Manions of America. The script contains David’s numerous personal edits, notes, and doodles, all in his handwriting. It also features a couple dozen pages of letters to colleagues regarding his thoughts about the script and other matters. The cover of the script has also been autographed by David Soul.

Stars include Pierce Brosnan, Kate Mulgrew, Linda Purl, David Soul, Simon MacCorkindale.

Rory O’Manion is a hot-headed and rebellious farmer who has become increasingly fed up with his meager existence in British-controlled Ireland during the Great Potato Famine of the 19th century. He ironically meets and falls in love with Rachel Clement, the feisty daughter of a local English landlord, but he decides to set off to establish a new life in America without her. Once there, after working various day labor jobs, his bravery and determination help to earn him a full-time job and later, a business partnership in a gunpowder mill that Rachel's uncle owns in Philadelphia. Rachel's subsequent arrival in America reunites them, setting off a chain of events where the two families grow increasingly intertwined on both sides of the Atlantic, during the turbulent decades of pre- and post-Civil War United States and the Industrial Revolution.

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