Original Script — Casablanca


David Soul’s original script from his performance in the Ralph Senensky-directed 1983 TV series, Casablanca, episode “Who Am I Killing?” The script contains David’s numerous personal edits, notes, and doodles, all in his handwriting. The cover of the script has also been autographed by David Soul.

Who Am I Killing?
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate: April 10, 1983

Stars include David Soul, Hector Elizondo, Reuven Bar-Yotam, Ray Liotta, Scatman Crothers.

Synopsis: A British pilot crashes and the Germans are trying to find him. At the same time, Ferrari wants Rick to go in with him in a black market medicine scam. Major Strasser is enamored with the Club’s singer, who somehow knows that the British pilot is need of the medicine Ferrari wants to sell, but doesn’t know how to get it.

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